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~ Only With God's Help ~

I work in a hospital as a nurse
I tend your wounds, see your pain and worse ...
Feelings of helplessness at what I see,
I can only help you if God will help me.

I watch your painful agony and despair
I try to aid and show you I care,
but minutes to hours go by
as I watch your poor heart cry.

I know you're in pain, this my heart believes
Such agonized torture so hard to conceive ..
You ask for medicine that relieves ...
But as I look at my watch, I find
with heavy heart, it's too early, not time.

In my soul, I can feel your pain
as I check on you time and again,
My heart weeps and breaks
as I watch the pain your body takes.

Patient and nurse can no longer this pain stall!
I almost stumble and fall
as I rush through the hall
to phone the doctor on call.

Orders now noted, you can receive
the medicine needed to relieve.
But as my heart looks at you,
I know it will only last an hour or two.

What a brave and courageous soul
for my heart's spirit to behold
When a times you try to conceal
the pain you really feel.

They told me it wouldn't be easy ...
For I feel all the pain I see
How I wish I could make you pain free
But I can only help you if God helps me ...

I stand by your bed each day ..
look on your face and to God I say ...
"Please, dear God, I Pray
make their pain go away."

Barbara LaBarbera
  2003 used with permission
Dedicated to Dr. Donna Holder
and all patients, doctors and nurses.

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