~Withstanding Time~

The old church has withstood the years
As have you and I my dear
So many memories are through those doors
And some of those are still quite clear.

One memory I recall vividly
Is the day you said "I do"
The church was filled to capacity
And our future, we were ready to pursue.


Remember the christening of our daughter?
How beautiful the church looked then
And our daughter looked like a little angel
I relive this memory again and again.

Remember when she got married?
So many tears you shed that day
Our little girl was now a woman
She was starting to make her own way.


And then came our beautiful grandchildren
And it's here they attend Sunday school class
How wonderful to see them learn of our Lord
And watch them participate in Sunday mass.

My how fast the years have flown
We're in the twilight of our years
We're still attending our quaint little church
And after we're gone, it will still be here.


Chee Chee Martin 2006



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