~ I Silently Wonder As The Sun Sets ~

The clouds are starting to dissipate
Time alone on the beach I spend
I gaze at my beautiful surroundings
While I think of you my friend.

How was this place created?
How did it come to be?
Just grateful I've been privy to
This beautiful place by the sea.

I sit and marvel at it all
As the tide washes 'cross my feet
I silently wonder as the sun descends
Is there a chance you and I will meet?

Oh how I'd like to share this with you
The rising and setting of the sun
Walks along the beach hand 'n' hand
Laughing and having fun.

The time will come when we will meet
As I sit here all alone
I silently wonder as the sun descends
Do your eyes see the beauty I've known?

To me you've been a godsend
No truer friend is there around
I want to share this all with you
This beauty I have found.

But distance and miles separate us
Although our hearts are forever in touch
I silently wonder as the sun descends
Do you know you mean so much?

You are always in my thoughts and prayers
You're always on my mind
So much I want to share with you
Someday we'll find the time.

Chee Chee Martin 2008
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul
Whispered Words

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