~ Your Sweet Calling ~

Oh, little bird, be nurtured
By garden seeds divine,
God made for your own pleasure
He formed for you to find.

Come, take them in your little beak
And bear the life away,
Carry it to far off places
To grow another day.

Oh, little bird, fulfill
Your sweet calling from on high,
To take the life of Jesus
Everywhere He guides.

Go, take life giving treasure
Where e'er the Father leads,
There to drop it, as desired
Where life there has a need.

Yes, fly, spread joy as you will,
Then sit, and gladly sing
For God will water, there to grow
The life you're made to bring.


Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems Sept 2009


God has built into all of us an
appreciation of beauty and has
allowed us to participate in the
creation of beautiful things and
places. It may be one way God
brings healing to our hearts.
~* Mary Jane Worden *~



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