~ Amazing Grace~

Amazing Grace was written by John Newton,
when he became close to God...
While he was transporting slaves from Africa.
He promised God, if he was saved from the storm
He would devote his life to The Lord
God preserved His life
So John became a preacher
keeping His vow evermore

After some time had passed,
a man by the name of William Wilberforce
Asked John for some dire help,
William did not like slavery and he felt the call of God.
He said to John, he heard the ghosts of slaves that wail
What, he asked could he ever do
John said William's call was to stop the ships that sail.

William now knew what he must do
He had a great friend, the youngest Prime Minister
William Pitt, who was only twentyfour.
And though William had bad health,
with passion all the more
he persevered fighting the Parliament
In his courageous quest to end the British slave trade
Again and again William was met
by intense opposition and tirade

But his work led to the Slavery Abolition Act 1833
just three days before his home call,
The House of Commons voted in a great majority
for the second reading of a bill of law
to abolish the British slave trade
The entire house rose to cheer its members
Where for 26 years William's fight had been ignored.

William Wilberforce, the Yorkshire man
was completely overcome
He sat down with tears streaming down his face
He did what people said could not be done.
He is buried in Westminster Abbey
by his good friend William Pitt, who he loved.

Next time you hear Amazing Grace
Think not only of William Wilberforce then
But, of the 20,000 ghosts of the slaves
Stolen from Africa by such heartless men.

Linda Ann Henry 2009
Do you remember me
The people's poet

Reference: William Wilberforce



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