How to send Greetings
By E-Mail , ICQ or WebTV!

Via E-Mail


Look for the "Share this page" button or link on each Greeting. Click the link then follow the directions on the form. Please note that the Tell-A-Friend forms are owned and operated by, and the alternate form by and are completely separate from Spiritisup Greetings. Furthermore Spiritisup Greetings is not responsible for the reliability or functionality of the forms. They are provided as a free service and are to be used on an as is basis.

If the "Send To A Friend" button (TAFmaster) does not work properly, please try the alternate tell a friend link (optmedia) located near the bottom of most pages.  It will be labeled "Alternate Emailer." If you have problems please try again later or use these alternate methods:

Alternate Methods
On the pages where I HAVE changed the Tafmaster link to the, you will also notice there is a new share button which has over 300 options and ways to share, including Facebook.  Mouse over the Share button to see all the options.

If you use Internet Explorer, click on "File", then click on "Send", then click on "Link By E-mail." Add your message and addresses of who you want to send it to and send!

If you use Netscape, click on "Send Page...", then add your message and addresses of who you want to send it to!

If you use AOL, click on the Favorites heart, select "Insert In Mail", then add your message and addresses of who you want to send it to! MORE AOL TIPS!


Click on the person's name you want to send it to then select WEB PAGE ADDRESS (URL). Add your message and send!

Via WebTV

When you are on the greeting you want to send, just press the "Send" key on your keyboard, add a message and email address and send!


More AOL Tips!

Here's some tips for getting JAVA applets and graphics to work better in AOL!

To make sure graphics look the way they should in AOL:

1) In AOL, click on MY AOL
2) Next, click on PREFERENCES
3) Then click on WWW
4) Pick the far right tab that says WEB GRAPHICS
5) Make sure "USE COMPRESSED GRAPHICS" is NOT checked. Most web sites use compressed graphics already. If you allow AOL to compress them even more, they will look bad.
6) Click on OKAY.

Now the graphics in the greetings should look much better!

For better Java Applet support (games, special effects etc.):

1) Click on Start button (at left bottom of screen)
2) Then click on Settings
3) Then Control Panel
4) Go to INTERNET (in the Control Panel)
5) When the gray screen appears, at the top of the gray screen, click ADVANCED
6) Then scroll down till you see JAVA and check all the JAVA boxes that
are not checked (should be three of them).
7) Click APPLY AT THE RIGHT HAND BOTTOM of that gray screen.
8) Close everything and RESTART COMPUTER.

FAQ & Help
A special thanks to
my friend Dobhran
for sharing these tips with