Oh, my so many amazing skills
and how we'd never know
For it all just happens naturally
just as we're on the go


When'er we mix and bake
our creative flair comes to the fore
And just for fun we make a mess
 to even bake some more




On the way we know to rinse
off every dirty dish
Or stack them in the noisy thing
that does the auto swish


There's another whirly thing
that sets for wash or tumble dry
Or if we like, we'll hang it out
beneath God's great blue sky




We know of every simple trick
to get the cleaning quickly done
Like turning on the shower
as we flick the brush and sponge


And if we drip and dry
or fold the clothes real neat
There's really not much ironing
that ever needs a tweak




The shopping's now another thing
no machine can get that done
Besides we like our little treats so much
for all the baking fun


But, right back here is where I come
if I do it all real quick
To catch up with my heavenly friend
and then my day's complete

For my friend
is the most in-creddy-able to me


Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

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