Now we love our Aunt Grace
She's here to stay
Even if she's different
Than most of our ways

After all, there's no two just alike
So we'll stand by Grace
Love her dear
Enjoy every minute that she's here

Her funny ways will make us laugh
But we really love having her here
She's our Aunt Grace
Tho' now and then she'll disappear

Like a little game a child would play
But when she's back from her hiding place
we go right on with our day
Once we're back to normal with Aunt Grace

There is no one can take her place
'Cause there is only one Aunt Grace
And she belongs to us
We pray for her and in God we trust

What we can't do, we know He can
So she is always in our plans
Where we go, so will she
We're proud of our Aunt Grace you see!!

If one day you, too, have an Aunt
Whether her name be Grace or Grant
Make sure you treat her like royalty
'Cause one day you may be like her, you see!

Betty Hill 2007


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