Children, children come to me
There's a crisis we must face
There's no one left but us
We must care for your Aunt Grace

Now I have to let you know, she's
So different than she's been
At times she knows nobody
Not even her nearest kin

We want to keep her here
If we would be so blessed
'Cause in one of those homes
There's any thing but rest

She's lived a wonderful life
We've all enjoyed her so
Now we must love and care for her
Be sure she always knows

That she's a part of all we do
So she won't feel left out
She'll know she's family too
And feel free to walk about

Now let me warn you children
Watch your step at all times
Grace may knock you out
Cause she's slightly lost her mind

I know that you are just children
And children like to play
But this is serious business
Don't find out the hard way!

You must understand
She's innocent of her acts
Her brain's no longer in gear
She could hurt you, that's a fact!

So now our meeting's over
Don't forget what you've been told
You'd better treat her loving
One day you'll be old

Betty Hill 2007


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