I called a meeting with the boys
To try and help them see
That no matter what we done
Grace will always be,

Somewhat absent minded
Because her brain is out of gear
So we must help her all we can
Since she will never leave here

They spoke their mind about some things
Like little boys do
About her looks and manners
And the funny things, they see her do

We promised mom we'd be good
And take good care of Grace
We'll remember her in our prayers
And forget she's got such funny face

After mom was out of sight
Will told the other three
I know a secret about Grace
Come with me and see

In her room asleep
We could still see Grace
I counted 15 gray hairs
On the bottom of her face

The boys thought that was funny
that Grace grew a beard
But they did not tell mom
She would not laugh we feared

Betty Hill 2007


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