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Teddy Bears are for
cuddlin' and luvin'.

Teddy bears are wonderful reminders for us to have
soft edges, be full of love
and trust, and always ready
for a hug.

Love is supposed to
wear out your fur a little.


I Love You


Beary Sweet Daisy Day

You reach me
In your very own sweet way
By the kind things that you do
And every lovely little word you say

You are beary much appreciated
So a daisy day I send
To let you know how glad I am
God said you'd be my friend


Thank you, I appreciate you
And everything you are
Your thoughtfulness so precious
So beary special to my heart

Beary soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2007

Before another day passes
I want to say how beary special you are to me.


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