~ A Beautiful Flower ~

There was a beautiful flower
God sent to us on earth
It came one day when it rained
A beautiful flower
God chose to give it birth
You see it was for the garden of hope
Only special people see
This miracle from heaven that has come to be

It was unlike any other flower that was ever made
For God Himself designed it and gave it all He had
When I found this flower I was very blessed
In the garden of hope where is God's perfect rest

The beautiful flower
Was surrounded by birds and butterflies
I wanted it so very much
I prayed it's beauty I would find

Yet I knew if I picked it and broke the stem
This flower could not live.
So I made a promise I could always see
That the beauty in my heart would never leave

God spoke to me there
From His Kingdom up above
He loves me so much,
For I was made from His love

I reminded Him of the birds and butterflies
And He granted me the wish
That I too would have wings to fly
For I saw the beautiful flower
In the garden God calls hope that never dies

The flower showed to me the beauty
My eyes are open with deep love
I am not forgotten
If you see a bird or butterfly
I will live on in people's hearts
When I have reached the sky.

Linda Ann Henry 2006
Do you remember me
The people's poet

Where there are birds and butterflies there is hope

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