Even though we have never met
Your face I plainly see, you bet!
A smile, warm hug, and care
I see coming from you, everywhere!

To me a friend is a Bucket Of Love
Sent down from the Father, up above
Our paths were meant to cross, and then
Friends we'd become, until the end

What's in your Bucket of friendship, dear?
Good friends to cherish, with every year?
Does your bucket contain all the love you need?
Good friends that stick well, yes indeed!

My buckets not half full, for it's overflowing
With friendships galore, and it keeps on growing
God knew we would need a good friend, or two
To help us when we're feeling blue

So, to you my friend, I give you my heart
To nurture, and cherish, to never part
I'll be with you always, no other way will do
Because, I now, am a part of you

God bless you sweet friend, for you make my day
Always a blessing, guiding my way
My Bucket of Love will never fade
Because you're in it, the foundation's been laid

Debbie Looney 2005

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