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Claddagh Song

  My thoughts are as glad as the morning
My heart is as light as the dew
With this ring, I remember the passion
And I can think only of you

  Your gift of those bright happy hours
Stay with me through each night and day
With hands joined forever and ever
More than mere words can ever convey

  Together we stand in a rainbow
And glow with the colours of love
Forever, we will be together
Held in the bond of our love

Anne Agnew

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Claddagh The Ring Of Love
There's a tale of a little village of Ireland
Claddagh of fishing fame,
Who made a sigils image for the fishermen
A symbol very brave.
It spoke for mighty power upon the wild seas
So was fashioned into golden rings
Our ancestors to hold forever
As memory of their kin.
Mothers bequeathed them to their daughters
An inheritance to keep,
For suitors to know how it was worn
To change it was a feat.
When the crown was in, upon her right hand
A lass flew as a bird,
But, if it was crown and heart out
She was a taken girl.
Then when she tied the marriage knot
It was swapped to her left hand
Heart and crown turned out
To tell the world she had her man.
Together forever the promise of love
Hand in hand upon life's path,
The circle of oneness to never end
Sealed by God within the heart.
The crown is for the Heavenly Father
The left hand for the Son,
The right hand for the Holy Ghost
Our hearts to be won.
Soft Whispers to you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2005


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