~ Compassion ~

What mortal am I when I do not
Come to my neighbor’s aid...
Seeing they have a need?
Shall I turn away? Have I no compassion?
Knowing my cupboards are full to overflowing...

I watch as the streets are blanketed with hunger and poverty
God, all knowing, has provided for me
All that I have is His,
Yet my bosom is encased;
It is hardened; I feign pity.
Now it is I who walks the streets In hunger.
My bowels grimace with pain.

I call out to my Lord, my God, in my anguish
For He has turned his ear from me.
My prayer need be a sweet refrain;
"My punishment is too grievous to bare;

Take these shackles from my heart,"

I plead,
"Open up my bowels of compassion;
To the esurient I judiciously will tender care."
The kindness and the great love of our
Heavenly Father taught me
Compassion by submission and humility,

I have walked in the shoes of the poor;
I have crossed the by-ways of starving men
I’ve sought shelter from the cold
And have cradled the thirsting children.
Yes God in His mercy restored my house ten fold
He has forgiven my great sin.

Janice Bumbalough Marler © 2005





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