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Valentine's Day St. Patrick's Day Easter
Mother's Day Father's Day Sept. 11, 2001
Halloween Thanksgiving Support for Families & Military
  Christmas New Year




~*~ Mardi Gras ~*~

~*~ Earth Day ~*~ ~ Secretary's ~     

Mardi Gras
Updated for 3/4/2014

Slide Show - Mosaic Java
Mardi Gras Madness in Mobile

Earth Day - Java
Earth Day - Non Java

Secretary's Day - Humor
A Gift For You

~*~ Memorial Day ~*~ Also  see Support for Military Pages

Veterans Day~Flag Day

Remember..Memorial Day

Tribute 21 Gun Salute
Home Of The Brave
Day Of Remembrance
Remember Us
In The Name Of Country
They Wait

Another Kind Of Soldier
The Ultimate Price Paid
Bring Them Home
For Love Of Country
Let The Bells Ring

Memorial Day - Java
Memorial Day - Non Java

Love For Memorial Day
Final Salute
By Patriot's Hand
Price Of Peace
A Final Salute
Pay Homage
Land of the Free

Memorial Day

Generations Of Protection
What Freedom Cost
Memorial Day
My War Buddies

On Bended Knee
Visions Of The Hopeful
In Our Hearts We Honor
Hurting Hearts-Java

Hurting Hearts - NON
Chasing the Sinking Fox
Since The Fall
Ultimate Sacrifice
Thank You Veterans
Always Remember
Memorial Day
Empty Boots

~*~ Labor Day ~*~
The Country Fair

~ Armed Forces Day~
Armed Forces Day




~*~ Ice-Cream Day ~*~
3rd Sunday in July (USA)
Ice Cream Dreams Cafe
Ice-Cream Day!

~ Bunny Day 3/29 ~
Bunny Day

~ April Fools Day ~
April Fools Day

~*~ July 4th & Canada Day ~*~
  Beary Happy 4th Happy Birthday America 

Celebrate Independence Happy Canada Day!
Who Has Written Freedom
Land Of Liberty
A Day Of Celebrations
Fight For Independence
There Shall Be Wars
My Uncle Sam
America The Beautiful
Happy Birthday USA
4th of July - Java - Poems
4th of July - Non Java -Poems
Celebrate Freedom - Java
Celebrate Freedom - NonJava
Red Skelton - Pledge of Allegiance
Let Freedom Ring
Living In Freedom
Can't There Be Peace
An Increddyable 4th Of July
4th Of July
C.C. Awesome Fireworks Display
This Is America
Keep Old Glory Flying
The Land Of Those I Love
Don't Take Away Free USA

~*~ President's Day ~*~ ~*~ March 11 - Johnny Appleseed ~*~
 President's Day Happy President's Day President's Day An Apple A Day
Apples Make Life Much Sweeter
Happy Johnny Appleseed Day
~*~ Happy Grandparents Day ~*~
Happy Grandparents Day Grandpa's True Love Grandma's Love Grandma's Sew Loving
Tribute To Grandparents Grandpa You're Spiffin My Precious Grandchild Grandma's Special Thread
For My Grandpa's Day For My Grandparents Family Section  
~*~ Happy Sweetest Day ~*~
 Sweet Thoughts For Friends  Sweet Thoughts For Your Sweetheart  You Are The Sweetest!!You're the Sweetest  Sweet Heart Hugs

Happy Sweetest Day My Darling - New
Happy Sweetest Day My Dear Friend- New
Happy Sweetest Day
Our Sweetest Garden Tea
You Walk Softly
Sweetest Day
Smallest Angel Kiss
The Sweetest Of All



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