~ Easter Egg Tree Gifts ~

At Easter time, sweet gifts for you
Are all tied to the tree
For family, friends, for you and I
Such lovelies to receive

I see up high the sparkly gifts
Of gentle caring love
Placed there for us with tenderness
By all that God has done

The teal ones tied with bows
Are perfect peace to crave
Secured most tightly by the love
That saves us from the grave

The golden ones on left and right
Are joy, reach up and grasp
Pluck, unfold and then enjoy
Forever in your heart

Take blue and pink, for all they hold
Of life's unending gift
Jesus gives them all with love
The sweetest life to live

Upon the tree He died to give
The gift of gifts away
Connected by the thread of love
As yours to keep today

My prayers for such a blessed time
And love I tucked inside
If you but catch, unwrap the egg
That's always bouncing by

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems March 2010

Have such a beautiful
and joyous Easter

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