"Friends Are Few"

Real friends are few and far between

And really hard to come by

And I’m so glad you’ve been mine

As the time passed swiftly by.

For more years than we care to count

You have been here by my side

And when our families came and grew

We both shared the other’s pride.

I can’t imagine life without you

To count on when I’m in need

A friend like you is so special

And a true blessing, indeed.

Some people have a kinship

That is hard to put to word

And the first time I met you

There’s something, that, I heard.

A little voice inside of me

Said, “She’s one of, those special kind!

The type of person, that is rare

And, so very hard to find.”

There’s a certain aura ‘bout you

When, you walk into a room

The happy spirits all around

Seem to brighten up the gloom.

I’m so glad, I got to meet you

And so proud to call you, “Friend”

Knowing you are one to count on

Right up until the very end.

~ ~ ~

© Del "Abe" Jones April 2005
Used with permission


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Photo © by Creations From The Heart
(Poem written for Donna by request, for her friend Pokey)


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