~ Grandma's Well ~

Grandma's well had drinking water so clear
The water stayed cold throughout the year
She told us not to draw water from the well
We did, but promised not to be a tattletale.

One hot summer grandma's well ran dry
When she told us kids we began to cry
Grandma did not want us to get hurt
So she had the well filled with dirt.

She built a slanted roof to cover the top
And planted vines and flowers all around
Grandma told us she wanted a spring crop
Of vines climbing and flowers on the ground.

Grandma's well still stands today
It was built of bricks, mortar and clay
Vines and flowers growing everywhere
I still remember Grandma standing there.


Glenna M. Baugh 2006
Living by Faith

This poem is written in loving memory
Of my grandma. She lived long enough
To see her vines and flowers grow. I
Remember her telling us, have faith,
Believe, and trust God to answer our prayers.


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