~ Halloween Party ~

Ghost and goblins creeping down the street
All want their share of Halloween treats
Spiderman and Bionic Woman costumes
Make sure you stay in a group,
as you never know what looms

Sometimes parties are the best
Make sure your parents know
if there is an unwelcome guest
All in costume should have an invitation
Then there will not be any manipulation

Bobbing for apples playing friendly games
Playing charades choosing movie names
Pumpkins, banners and orange punch
All should have something to munch

Treats in a bowl that the hand comes out
May make all want to shout
Spooky little trimmings, green shaky Jell-O
Cobwebs and one black cat to fool all the fellows

Donít forget to take pictures that fine Hallows Night
Paper bats hanging from the ceiling cannot take a bite
All have fun be safe and stay in sight of your peers
Remember not all may seem what it appears


© Joyce Ann Geyer 2007


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