Happy Halloween she screeched from astride her broom
I've come to bring you goodies my pretties..
As she circled just above their heads ,bringing unknown doom
Come children follow me ...

I have all your favorite candies, says she
as she cackles with fiendish glee.
We'll have gum drops and Starbursts
Snickers and Popcorn and even Sours those are the worst

Children from far and near, hear the Witch's call
Come with me we'll have a Halloween Ball
One hundred and twenty five followed the Witch that night
Deep into the forest they went guided by her shadow
against the full moon's light.

Her evil spell she had cast ....
Now these children are lost forever , never to be seen again

Some she turned into toads and some she made into door stops.
Others she waved her wicked wand and turned into Tootsie Pops
Children beware when you go out Halloween night..
Run as fast as you can if you see the Witch's shadow
against the full moon's light
Run.. run away before she turns you into a thing of fright,
a door stop or a Tootsie Pop


Bonnie Ray 2006

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