On Hallow's Eve, all spirits rise
waken to the darkened skies

Eerie, dreary, chills of night
shadows, sounds, dead man's plight

Howling wind of Autumn's breath
frightened trees, arms outstretched

Thickened clouds hang overhead
paving roads of fear and dread

Chanting, panting growing near
spirits of the night appear

Haunting, taunting, shadows dance
Jack-O-Lantern, frozen trance

Rumbles from the granite stones
creatures rising, rattling bones

Gather on each darkened street
peek their heads from 'hind tall trees

Whirling, swirling, fallen leaves
whispers echo in the breeze

Making way down winding path
laughing heard of dead man's wrath

Midnight waltz beneath the moon
silhouettes chant a gruesome tune

Screaming, scheming, eyes aglow
casting shadows high and low

Clawing, pawing, watchful eyes
in the distance, werewolf cries

Monsters roaming in the night
staring, glaring, causing fright

Trudging, running, thru the grass
unknown creatures 'hind a mask

Gasping, grasping, ghoulish grin
terror lurks in Autumn's wind

Beware when night is cold and dark
within the shadows, spirits walk

Rose Marie Streeter

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