Frequently Asked Questions & Help

1. Is the link to a greeting not coming up when clicked?

2. Is your PC freezing up or acting funny when accessing a greeting?

3. Not getting the music on the greetings?

4. Do you use AOL and the graphics on the greetings look bad?

5. Are you having problems sending the greetings?

6. Are you having problems with the Flash greetings?

7. Do you use AOL 8.0 and are not receiving my newsletter?

8. How do I copy and paste?


1. Is the link to a greeting not coming up when clicked?

  • If a link page doesn't come up the first try, press your REFRESH or RELOAD button on your browser. Your ISP may be having problems or is overloaded with too much traffic, like AOL or WebTV, or the Spiritisup website may be having temporary problems.

  • If using AOL try holding down Ctrl while you press RELOAD on your browser. Sometimes, just clicking the link in the newsletter again will work. If the page still doesn't come up, please try again later. 

  • If you are using HOTMAIL and get an error trying to display a link, simply click on your BACK button on your browser, click on the newsletter again, and then try that link again and it should work fine. This is a Hotmail bug.


2. Is your PC freezing up or acting funny when accessing a greeting?

  • Is your PC freezing up or acting funny? If you are using Windows, you probably need to go to Windows Update and download all the Java and Microsoft Virtual Machine updates. The Java and/or Javascript support on your PC is probably corrupted. This should fix your PC's problems. http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com .

  • If you are using WebTV or a Macintosh, consult WebTV or Apple's technical support.


3. Not getting the music on the greetings?

  • Your audio drivers may be corrupted. Try downloading the latest audio drivers from your PC manufacturer's website and install. If t is doesn't work, the MIDI player built into your browser (AOL, IE) may be corrupted and you may need to reinstall  your browser.

  • If you use Netscape, be sure you have a properly installed MIDI plug-in. Without a MIDI plug-in, you will not receive the music.


4. Do you use AOL and the graphics on the greetings look bad?

  • To make sure graphics look the way they should in AOL:

1) In AOL, click on MY AOL
2) Next, click on PREFERENCES
3) Then click on WWW
4) Pick the far right tab that says WEB GRAPHICS
5) Make sure "USE COMPRESSED GRAPHICS" is NOT checked. Most web sites use compressed graphics already. If you allow AOL to compress them even more, they will look bad.
6) Click on OKAY.

Now the graphics in the greetings should look much better!

For better Java Applet support (games, special effects etc.):

1) Click on Start button (at left bottom of screen)
2) Then click on Settings
3) Then Control Panel
4) Go to INTERNET (in the Control Panel)
5) When the gray screen appears, at the top of the gray screen, click ADVANCED
6) Then scroll down till you see JAVA and check all the JAVA boxes that
are not checked (should be three of them).
7) Click APPLY AT THE RIGHT HAND BOTTOM of that gray screen.
8) Close everything and RESTART COMPUTER.


5. Are you having problems sending the greetings?

  • The email service used on the site for sending greetings is run by tafmaster.com. I have no control over their service, therefore, technical questions should be directed to them via their website at www.tafmaster.com  or the alternate at the bottom of the page is Mail-To-A-Friend.com

  • If you use WebTV, and have problems using their service, just use your Send key in the top right corner of your WebTV keyboard. If you have problems using your Send key, refer to your WebTV manual for instructions or call WebTV Technical Support.

  • For alternative ways to send the greetings, click here!


6. Are the Flash greetings not playing for you?

  • You might not have the Flash plugin installed on your PC. To install Flash on your PC, click the following link, then click "Install Flash." Flash will then be downloaded and installed automatically in around 1 minute!

Click Here To get FLASH!

  • If you use WebTV, Flash support is available on WebTV, though support differs on WebTV Classic and WebTV Plus. Some of the Flash greetings you may be able to run fine, while others may not be supported by your system.

  • Is the Flash greeting running to slowly? Unfortunately, the speed of Flash animations depends on the speed of your computer. Older computers will not be able to play the Flash greetings as smoothly as newer computers.

  • Flash animations sometimes take longer to download than the other greetings. They are larger do to their complexity, but I think you will agree that the extra download time is worth it!

7. Do you use AOL 8.0 and have some problems?

  • If you aren't getting your regular newsletters it is because AOL
    upgraded their 8.0 and didn't let us know that you need to make
    adjustments to your parental controls. You need to follow the steps
    below in order for your newsletters to come through.

  • Go to Settings, choose Parental Controls, click on More Options and
    then Newsgroup control (NEW!) and set your settings by unclicking
    the controls. AOL updated with certain controls automatically in
    place to protect kids from adult newsletters! Good idea but they
    should have let the adults know about it! You may need to resubscribe which you can do at http://www.spiritisup.com/join.html.

8. How do I copy and paste?

  • Text can be easily transferred from one document to another using the Copy and Paste function. You can copy text from online areas (chat, e-mail, Instant Message notes, etc.) and paste the sections into e-mail, text files, or input boxes.

    1. Hold down the mouse button and drag the mouse over the text to highlight the information you want to copy.
    2. Let go of the mouse button.
    3. Hold down CTRL key and press C or Select Copy from the Edit menu. A copy of the text is held in your computer's memory.
    4. Place the cursor in the space where you want to paste and click once.
    5. Hold down CTRL key and press V or Select Paste from the Edit menu. The text appears in the new space.


A special thanks to my friend Dobhran
for sharing these tips with Spiritisup.com