~ Hole In One ~

I owned a house all by myself
At least I thought so,
Til I saw a mouse
Run right thru a hole in the wall

I jumped on a table to get in the clear
To make sure that mouse was outta' here,
After a while I got down
It was looking good, no mouse around

I got a broom and was sweeping the floor
outta' the hole he ran once more.
I took that broom, with one big boom
Knocked that mouse right outta' the room

Then I pulled up an easy chair
looked here and there with a certain stare,
making sure I was home alone
and that creepy mouse was now gone

It took a while for him to come back
but I still had my broom, and gave him a whack!
this time he was flying thru the air
I jumped quickly from my chair

Decided to turn this into a game
I'd play 'hole in one' as the golfers do.
So I went and got those golfer's shoes,
now golf ball was that mouse's name

Here he came....creeping slow
I stayed real still so he'd not know
what my real intentions were,
for a little while I did not stir

Then in position with putting in mind
I whacked that mouse on his behind.
He was now flying thru the air
giving that hole in the wall a stare

He came wobbling from his hole in the wall
a worn out mouse is what I saw,
But I had my broom and was not done
'til I finally made that hole in one!

That was a short game after all
but he was moving outta the hole in the wall
Had a tear in his eye, as he waved goodbye
Then out of sight, I could hear him cry!!

Betty Hill 2008


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