It Is An Honor To Know My Butterfly

To see a flower, to feel my heart
To love me as a friend right from the start,
To see the rain when my eyes fill up with tears
To have you listen to my fears
And wash my eyes
Never to judge me, you know I try.

To write a loving poem just for me
To make me happy, in this world I see
I may sit here in my chair,
But, it is my soul that goes everywhere.

To understand and listen, means so much to me
There are no words
To thank you, my friend of dreams
I always hear your whisper
Thank you for bringing me life,
I now can see
Your face shine's so pure and alive.

There is so much good God put in your heart
You have given me hope and a loving heart,
Each e-mail you send has a hug and a kiss
You never fail me, you never miss.

You are like a butterfly, free to fly
I will never forget you, even after I die.

Linda Ann Henry 2004
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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