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Teddy Bears are for
cuddlin' and luvin'.

Teddy bears are wonderful reminders for us to have
soft edges, be full of love
and trust, and always ready
for a hug.

Love is supposed to
wear out your fur a little.


Graphic Garden purchaseware used with written permission

I Love You


If Tomorrow Never Comes

Sometimes, maybe all the time
The big importance of the day,
Shall be to say
I love you, You are special
Please don't go away.

For time together is so fleeting
Who can tell what tomorrow brings,
Most beloved ones
May disappear from our lives
Never to be seen.


How good that God knows where we are
And He is able to unite
Children with their fathers
Loving mothers, partners
Dearest friends and sisters out of sight.

Might we enjoy a sweet reunion
While finding a true delight,
In opening wide our heart with love
We can know
And hold a special one so tight.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
2004 used with permission

Before another day passes
I want to say how beary special you are to me.


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