~ I Learned To Drive ~

I was so proud of me
For I had learned to drive a car
My husband wouldn't ride with me
Or allow me to go very far

But while he was at work
I'd get out my extra key
Sneak to where he parked
And take that car with me

While he worked all day
I drove around the town
Getting good experience
With him no-where around

You see, he'd get so nervous
When he tried to teach me how
So, I decided I could do much better
If I done it by myself

One day across the town
I set out for a drive
I had borrowed my sister's license
We favored enough for disguise

Then I walked to where he worked
And drove away once more
But...this time I got caught
Not like it was before

There I was, having so much fun
Not aware of all the fear
While he was nearly crazy
Searching everywhere

You see, they had asked if he
Would run a little errand
So he went to get his car,
But stood there just a-staring!

An empty place he found
Where his Chevy once had been
But where was it now
Who'd pulled a trick on him?

He made a call to home
Where my sis answered the phone
She told him I was gone
Didn't know when I'd be home

Unaware of all this
I started back to park the car
But, turned wrong down a one way street
So did not get too far

You see there was a policeman
Waiting in the wings
Just to catch someone
Doing that very thing!

He stopped me right real quick
Asked me if I knew
I was going the wrong way, lady
There's a sign, you paid no attention to

The next thing that he noted
was the license was not mine
So he gave me a ticket,
It was a heavy fine

I cried as I went on
To put that car in place...
But when I drove it in
I saw my husband's face

Oh my Lord, I cried
Deliver me from this
He was mad enough I could see
To ruin our wedded bliss!

When the storm had cleared
I settled down a bit
But...later I still took that car!
I just could not stay home and sit

When I got a license of my own
My poor husband almost died
While he worked, and worried
I went out on joy rides

Betty Hill 2007

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