~ In-Creddy-Able Blossoms ~

Love, scatters seeds about us
To flutter in the breeze,
Settle in the earth beneath
For conquering all the weeds.

Faith, is pouring seeds within us
Its roots grow strong and true,
To grow up to the Sonshine
And bless our hearts anew.

Joy is planting seeds around us
In sunshine and in rain,
A fragrance in the darkness
Dissolving all the pain.

Peace rains softly down upon us
To settle in our hearts,
That God's glory be the blossoms
The garden He imparts.

Hope showers us from heaven
Infusing us with light,
Our arms, as vines, reach outwards
Embracing all with life.

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems Aug 2010

"Cindy's playing hopscotch
Billy's on his bike
Mama's baking apple pie
The scent to my delight
Birds are singing in the tree
Freckles on my nose
Kitten's playing playfully
Puppies biting toes
Grown-ups on the porch
Sipping lemonade
For us to have days like these-
Everyone has prayed"

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