~ I've Seen ~

I've seen many a happy day,
I've seen my share of sorrow.
White man spoke with forked tongue,
We knew not of our tomorrows.

The tears we shed, were done alone,
No one seemed to care.
Indians' land was taken,
Confusion everywhere.

Our homes and land no longer,
Belonged to everyone.
To hunt for our nourishment,
With every rising sun.

Please remember the red man,
Don't let our memory fade.
Columbus did not find America,
We were here to stay.

Denise Lanford
Jan. 2006
Creations From The Heart



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Midi "Guiding Spirits" is courtesy of,
and copyrighted to © Elan Michaels.

The Indian photo is a snapshot
taken by Donna, from an old painting.

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