~ I WILL ~

I will always be here for you
When you're feeling down and out
And I will hold you when you're blue
To remove all those doubts.

I will help you to see that your life
Can be beautiful and oh so sweet
And I will help you overcome any strife
So you'll see the good in people you meet.

I will be there when you whimper and cry
And I'll wipe away all your tears
I will help you to identify
Beautiful things you should hold dear.

I will help you to see the light
When your days seem so dark
And I will stay with you through the night
So we can greet the morning's first spark.

I will be there when you smile
So I can see it light up your face
And I will go that extra mile
So your life you can embrace.

I will be there in case you fall
So I can pick you up once again
And I will be at your beckon call
Time and time again.

I will be your forever friend
In case you didn't know
And I will be with you until the end
Because you had me at "Hello"!

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