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We all need a little tender loving bear.

Email Author: Derry aka Heartwhispers


There's a rip and a tear in my teddy bear...
Love pours from him everywhere.

Graphic Garden used with written permission


Love makes all things bearable.

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Just Naturally You

Each day becomes a gift of beauty
Enjoying your delight
As each moment I can be your friend
Is just as I would like

I like the way you're always there
With prayer to understand
And words of gentle kindness
Just to hold my hand

I like your tender wisdom
From the years that you have lived
The sense of humor learned in all
You naturally just give

I like the way you seek God's will
In all you do and say
For then I know our friendship
Will be blessed each day

Sweet friend, every day be loved
For I like you just as you are
Being you, come rain or shine
So beary special in my heart

Beary soft whispers from  
Derry's Heart Poems 2007

You are in my heart always,
and make me smile every time
I open up a poem or an email

 Little hearts never fear, when teddy bears are near.  

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