~ Legacy ~

The legacy of life
Continues on through me
Relatives from my past
Way back in history.

Their blood is forever running
And coursing through my veins
Making me just who I am
Their bloodline I retain.

Continuing on into the future
Adding another limb to the tree
With the birth of a son or daughter
It becomes our legacy.

A genealogy of people in the past
A tree that reaches far and wide
Roots that go forever deep
And names spoken with much pride.

Tracing back the family heritage
Crossing the barrier of time
Discovering so many different things
Some royalty I did find.

This tree has a lot of branches
But many seem to be broken
No explanation of these events
No words were written or spoken.

My branch will stop with my daughter
No children can she bear
My legacy will end with her
This branch we both do share.

So in the future when someone decides
To cross the barrier of time
To find out where they came from
Another broken branch they will find.

Chee Chee Martin 2008
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul
Whispered Words


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