Lake Jackson, well, that'll just be a little zoomin'
A cinch, I'll be a cruisin'
For the waitress had said, enthusin' 
"You'll find it easy in the boonies"

Well sure it was excusin' the sticks of Timbuktoo then
Not a sign post for the lookin'
First she says, you'll find the haunted house
How spooky can it get, snoopin' in the boonies

So on I sped, for a wind was whippin' up
But at least no pollution was infusin' my perusin'
Finding steeple one for the viewin'
Stuck up in the middle of the boonies

So confusin', I couldn't find the second church
Or the coonies, but the red light got me tootin'
As the dark clouds began a loomin'
And thunderin' in the boonies

Oh good news, there's the bridge, don't overshoot 'em
Cooie it's deserted here, I think I might be goin' looney
And is this the curve to be a usin'
To hoon around, so huge here in the boonies

Of her truth everybody's groovin' on chuckin' a rightie
Well, she might think that's amusin'
But, I'm a stewin' cause there's tracks all over to be choosin'
I'm really goin' woozy, windin' through the boonies

I began musin' how all I needed was a cell phone to be usin'
With my old one all done in, but I won't get a fumin'
If the way I'm really losin, that I can't be telecommutin' for clues in
Being strewn out here, a recluse in the boonies

The rain's a peltin', it's all confusin'
My wiper's convolutin' fast as fury
But yahoo, I found the Lake,
my new phone is the provin'
and no-one can be a accusin'
Me, of losin'
all my humor way out in the boonies

Soothin' Whispers for Cyndi from
Derry's Heart Poems 2005

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