~ Love Coming Your Way ~

I spent a little time in my kitchen
Baking up some love,
Gathered them all in this wee bowl
To send them with a hug.

I baked some white ones, red ones
And pretty pink hearts just for you.
Then I gave one to a little bird
Which she took, and then away she flew.

So, if you don't receive this email
Then just go, open wide your window,
And when you see a little bird alight
Then that's the one you'll know.

So, whistle to that little bird
And ask her for your heart,
The one I baked here in my kitchen
It's my heavenly loving from afar.

P.S. If you tuck your lovin' back in her beak,
she's sure to bring it back to me...

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems Aug 2009

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