Friends are forever

~*~ The Love Of Sisters ~*~

The five of us shared a home once before
With God in heaven above
And when it was time for us to be born
One by one, he sent us to a family to be loved.

Circumstances of the time
Forced our parents to adopt us out
Each one of us went to different homes
And our lives took different routes.

Many years passed by and we lost contact
We got so wrapped up in the lives we lead
But a growing desire was burning inside
A desire to fill a need.

This need I speak of is a connection
Of a love brought from the other side
For us to feel whole once again
We needed to seek Jesus as our guide.

As I knelt and prayed to our Saviour
His answer came loud and clear
"Seek and ye shall find the truth
There's no need for you to fear!"

I had prayed for help and direction
In locating the ones I held dear
Time had silently crept on by
It had now been 45 years!

But we managed to find one another
Through diligence and guidance from above
There is no doubt in my mind
We've been reunited because of his love.

The joy and blessings came pouring forth
Of a time we kept locked in our hearts
A remembrance of what we once had shared
A time before we were apart.

We once again are a family
Our love has crossed all bounds
Never again will we be apart
The love of my sisters I have found.
Thank you Dear Lord and Jesus!

Written by: Chee Chee Martin
© 2004 used with permission

This wonderful poem was written by
special request & is
based on a true story by Susan :-)
If you too have found siblings, Susan
would love to hear from you
at the following address.


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