Memories now are all that are left in my life
Of the wonderful years of being his wife
There is nothing now, I wouldn’t give
If that precious time I could re-live.

So many dreams, for me he made true
A love like his, I before never knew
He was the love song within my heart
Never from him, did I e'er want to part.

With him, I felt so safe and secure
Nothing then, seemed too hard to endure
Then from me, death took him away
I had hoped always, with me he could stay.

The years with him were the best I have had
Life now without him, is lonely and sad
I feel so empty and left all alone
My heart remains broken, now with him gone.

But one day, from my heart all the sadness
Will at last, be replaced with pure gladness
When once again, his handsome face I see
What a joyous day, for me that will be.

Then and only then, can return to me
The love song, within my heart
Knowing never again will I have to be
From my beloved darling husband, ever apart.

Elizabeth Ann Biggs © 2004
Poems From My Heart
Dedicated To My Beloved Husband
Jack G. Biggs
February 14, 1937 - June 20, 2003


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