~*~ Morning Glories ~*~

I have some morning glories
I'd like to share with you
take a stroll by my garden
pick yourself a few.

Let's start with morning coffee
the smell will fill the air
it seems to wash away your worries
while sipping with someone who cares.

And don't forget the breakfast
all gloriously cooked just right
just set it on the table
watch it vanish out of sight.

The glory of getting ready
for your job if you like it or not
some don't even have one
be thankful for the one you've got.

The glory of peace and comfort
as devotion is just my time
to read and talk to Jesus
and let it clear my mind.

Oh the glory of arms around me
as loved ones walk out the door
a kiss upon the cheek
as we argue who loves who more.

You see my morning glories
aren't expensive but priceless rare
so I weed and feed and tend them
yet for you I still have some to spare.

So come into my garden
find your start of glory too
and if you find one you really like
take some home with you,

Thank God for morning glories!

by Sharon Steege
6/2/04 used with permission
Sharon's Poetry


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