There's a mouse in my room ~
I saw him today!
I was on the Web
But he was at play!

He thinks I don't know
(or perhaps, I can't see)
But as neither are true ~
He must deal with me !!!

Well, I fed him some cheese
In a trap (which was clever!)
He ate it and ran ~
Saying, "Catch me? No Never!"

Some weeks ago
I hid snacks in my drawer ~
He left me rewards
Saying, "Thanks! Leave some more!"

I emptied the dresser ~
But wouldn't you know.
This spry little mouse ~
Now thinks it's his condo!

Oh, he knows he is quick !
Even though he's a mouse ~
He just lets me live here
For it's really his house.

He eats cough drops and candy
(The Chocolate, my pride!)
He thinks it's a game ~
I "seek" and he "hides".

He even eats paper ~
Have you tried puppy pads?
They must be really good!
And he also likes ads.

The rule I had made
No more pets in this house ~
But now I have "Oscar" ~
An award winning mouse!

I think that I will ~
Maybe even today ~
Plant some more cheese
For my "mouse of the day".

So, this is the moral
I want you to know ~
I have learned that a mouse
Gets attached and won't go!

You just can't be friends ~
For he lies and he steals.
You're both better off
If he stays in the fields.

Maybe a "No Vacancy"
Sign on my door ~
Would give him a hint
That he's welcomed no more!

I sure never thought
That I'd room with a mouse ~
But let me assure you ~
He has chosen my house!

I guess there is just

Mary Anne Ray 08-13-2001


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