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Email Author: Chee Chee Martin

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Brought to you by 2007


Have I ever taken the time to say,
I'm so glad God brought you my way.
You have blessed my life it's true,
God must have known, I needed you.

I know not what this need might be,
But I'm so glad you're here for me.
My little computer makes me smile,
It keeps me in touch across each mile.

It brings you to my house each day,
Because each of you live so far away.
We laugh together, often sigh,
And sometimes yes, we even cry.

It's truly amazing what email can do,
And I get tons of it from all of you.
It seems we have so much to share,
Each email shows how much you care.

Each one of you, a priceless antique,
So full of love and quite unique.
So much of yourself you give to me,
Oh how lucky can one be!

I hope I have meant half as much,
And that your heart has felt my touch.
You are more than just a Friend,
You're my online family until the end.

Whether it be the computer that dies,
Or something else that breaks these ties.
I hope you know you will always be,
My little computer family!!

Brenda D King July, 2006