~  In My Garden  ~

Tucked away inside me
in a very special place
is where I find serenity
peace in my own space

I smell the fresh aroma
in the garden of my mind
everlasting blossoms
of the sweetest kind

I drift into my garden
'tis where I like to play
thinking back, reflecting
keeps the blues away

My Daughter is the sunshine
she brightens darkest days
in the grass I'm laughing
with Grandson, hard at play

I see the pansies smiling
reminded of my friends
forget-me-nots and daisies
dancing round the bend

The bench is so inviting
I sit there for a spell
squirrels frolic carefree
aside the wishing well

I listen to the chirping
birds nestled in the trees
thinking of my first born
the man he's grown to be

I stop to smell the roses
their fragrance fills the air
'pon the rock, initials
days of yesteryear

I walk the path in silence
relish with delight
mem'ries deep inside me
cling to them real tight

In the garden of my mind
is where I find escape
thinking back, recalling
another time and place

I thought about you today
as you are a big part of my garden
Thank you, friend!

Rose Marie Streeter 2003


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