~ Nature's Spring Parade ~

The daffodils are laughing on the hills,
a marvelous nature parade, what a thrill.

A lady sitting on veranda, sipping mint juleps,
watching lambs tip toeing through the tulips.

Little rabbits are scampering in the clover,
as the prairie dogs are trying to take over.

New colts and fillies, frolicking in the sun,
feeding on their oats and having lots of fun.

Mama and all of her little baby skunks,
chasing each other around tree trucks.

Mother doe and her new lovely fawn,
go down to the pond, just before dawn.

Two doves, carefully building a nest,
for soon, some eggs in it will rest.

Little raccoons in a line at the river,
if any fall in, they will surely shiver.

Water is coming from off the snow,
in it the salmon will quickly grow.

Mama bear just woke from her winter nap,
she is cranky and at her cubs she may snap.

She will be going after salmon, we know.
Watching her fish, is quite an exciting show.

Swans gracefully gliding across the lake,
with their little ones, following in their wake.

Nature is on parade, where ever you look,
parading in ever tree, field, stream and brook.

Spring is such a beautiful time of the year,
it is a new and exciting season premiere.

Joyful Jan May 2009

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