Here I am sweetie!
You said you needed a friend
I'm at your call, be there when you fall
I'll stay with you till the end.

I have a shoulder for you to lean on
I'm really quite strong you know
Just lean on me, I'll help you see
I'll ward off all the blows.

I'll make you laugh and giggle
I'll capture all your tears
Save them all up, in a cup
Pour them out, at the end of the year.

You say you need a friend?
Well I'll be your friend for life
Help you through, so you won't be blue
Alleviate all your strife.

No need to worry friend of mine
I'm loyal and true blue
No need to fret, worry, or sweat
I'll be a friend to you.

Chee Chee Martin 2007
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul

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