~ Quotes ~
“Aroma may bring friends, but ‘tis applie pie that keeps them.”
“Happy is the house that shelters a friend.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Grandma's are Moms with lots of frosting
The supreme
delight of life
is the conviction of being loved
 for your baking,
more correctly,
being loved in spite of your baking.
A faithful cook is a warm shelter;
whoever finds one has found a treasure.
The happiest of people don't
 have the best of everything;
 they just make the most of everything
 that comes along their way.
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~ No Instant For Me ~

We're living in an instant world
Full of instant gadgets 'n stuff,
All we ever do is push buttons
Pushing buttons, I've had enough.

Now I'd like to heat up the oven
And bake a real nice cake,
Forget about the microwave
I've had 'bout all I can take.

I'm gonna make a real cup of coffee
Brew it in an old fashioned pot,
Gonna' sit down and phone a friend
Invite 'em for coffee while it's hot.

Throw out those instant potatoes
Don't taste very good at all,
I'm gonna peel some fresh Idaho's
And serve 'em in a nice big bowl.

Forget about the biscuits in the can
I'm makin' a better batch up,
When folks eat at my table
Ain't gonna eat that instant stuff.

It's instant Banking online
And instant taxes all the time,
We miss meeting those nice folks
Who helped us out just fine.

We've come to depend on instant
Just instant this and instant that,
Our time gets wasted often
We need more people contact.

So throw out the instant idea
The work won't be that much,
Put more love in what you're doin'
Yes, give it that loving touch.

Betty Hill
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~ Quotes ~
A loving heart,
a gentle smile,
a warm and tender touch,
We give so many things in life
but nothing means as much.
If you can't find a meal, make one.
"God give me baking, till my life shall end
And life, till my baking is done."
When the bell rings,
don't just stand there.
Open the door!!!
“Life is nothing without home baking.”
Mama's pies are stuffed with dreams and memories.
It's not enough to know
 how to bake;
you must also know why it
should be done.
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