~ Our Butterfly Angels ~

God chooses many butterflies
To fly heavenward
In any tragedy and war
Our Dear Father, saves His children in it all
From any sad and tragic place
while families miss each precious face
He sends them comfort for the tears,
to soothe their every fear

All He calls are butterflies that flew
Let us light candles, for those that we once knew
As God guides them to heaven, to give them their wings
Forever in truth, may their hearts sing

Every time you see a butterfly, shining in the sun
Remember this world's loss, the cry of every one
When we look on the beauty, Our Lord, The Father made
Let us recall the happy times,
these special children gave
When we watch a caterpillar turn into a butterfly
May their souls forever wave

Let us remember...when we see a butterfly
and it's beauty so short lived
To think of the precious ones
With a heart so strong, to give their all
Remember not, how they walked out the door
but remember always, how they lived their call


Linda Ann Henry 2007
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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