~ Our Forever Smile ~

We miss so much, all the loveliness
sweetness, innocence we knew
As little ones years ago
where our hearts love to, want to
long to go, we miss it all, friends
so very much, that tender touch
The little things we knew, prettiness,
the simple pleasures of back then

Discoveries of cuteness, little
caterpillars, butterflies and clouds
high in the sky and loving people
Gentleness, the tenderness,
loving hugs, the reality of love
and not being afraid, secure and
never lonely, though at play alone,
Safe, secure, everywhere at home

Hearing laughter, music, birds
flying by, little sighs, hearts
aglow, before birthdays, Christmas,
never knowing there was less
or sadness, til a puppy died
Yet even then, we could
send a kiss to heaven-
we didn't know about pretend,

For all was real, in all we miss-
But, I have come to understand
that all we knew, was of eternity
and one day, such as we truly loved
will come back for us to keep
When we are with the Lord Jesus
we will live in it all once more
restored for you and me

Soft whispers for special you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2008

Heaven is where we will find
all the beauty we loved as a child,
all the innocence, the sweetness
to bring back our forever smile


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