~ Paid In Full ~

It really was a dreadful day,
The day they took my Lord away.
They nailed Him to the cruel tree,
And there He gave His life for me.
The shame! The shame! Oh, How I cried,
It was for sins like mine, He died.
I never thought I'd bear the loss,
To know He died there, on that cross.
He took our sins, as if His own,
And bore them to the death, alone.
Yes, He had promised He'd return,
Deep in my heart those words did burn.
I had believed whate'er He'd said,
But now I'd seen. My Lord was dead!
But to believe He would return,
From all my past, my sins, I'd turn.
So, if I turned me from my sin,
Then to His very side I'd win,
And by His loving side I'd reign,
Praise God! Praise God! He's here again!
He has arisen. As He said,
No longer is my dear Lord dead.
He stands before me, clothed in white.
Oh, Jesus, Saviour, what a sight.
Your promises have all come true.
So we, in Heaven, may dwell with You.

By Amy Hollesley
17th March, 2004
used with permission

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