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I'm a handsome cat they say
Just look and you will see
I'm a very intelligent one
With a pet-degree

My mom's got her Masters
Dad got his Ph.D.
I'm the perfect cat for them
I have my own degree

They came to the shelter
to find a perfect cat
Someone said 'he's a Stray'
They liked the sound of that

They adopted me right then
Said 'he's fine for our family'
They were happy 'cause they found
A cat with a Pet-degree

They took me home and fluffed me up,
gave me a nice soft bed.
Mom said 'he is so very cute,
I think we'll call him Fred'

I've got a home with lots of love.
food and a place to play
They boast about me to their friends
I listen to all they say

I heard them talk about other cats
they say, 'none as fine as he'
I finally decided that a 'Stray'
must be my Pet-degree

It's not known where I came from
I wandered away somehow
I was kept in the shelter for a while
Now I live at the Cat's Meow

I've got a secret I'll never tell
Though I'm happy as can be
A family never owns a cat
The cat owns the family

Yolanda Cohen


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