Puppies 'n Kitties

Puppies, kitties, poodles
Oh my, they're so much fun
Kittens, lickin's, droobles
All filled with so much love

Snuggles, meows and snoogles
Don't we just love the hugs
Fluffy softness, messy doo-doo's
And Please take me for a run

Stray hairs upon the carpet
Wash me?...If you can
We cannot help but love'm
Tho' diggin' in the sand

Eyes of, love me, love me
Paws of velvet touch
Ears that cock with every word
Just lovin' us so much


Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2007

It's just that you are fluffy, sleek
With eyes of gentle brown;
Your face so sweet and very bright
And dear to look upon.
It's every look you give to me
With that twinkle in your eyes,
And the pleasure that I seem to get
From feeding what you like.
It's the things we always like to do
The time we love to share,
The walk that we are hoping for,
And the way we love to care.
But, the one great thing that tops it all
And makes our love so true,
Is, just that you're in love with me
And I'm in love with you.

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midi.. "A" You're Adorable
[seq. m.leonard 2000]

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