Walk with me down a trail,
One that has no grass or sod.
The wonders that your soul will find,
Are precious gifts from God.

Let's stop along each little curve,
To see what we can find there.
So many precious blessings hidden,
In places everywhere.

A special blessing comes to call,
While we walk down this forgotten trail.
A warm gentle rain begins to fall,
As the heart begins to unveil.

Let's quietly listen to the falling rain,
For every little drop has it's own sound.
It's a beautiful cleansing to your soul,
In this priceless place we've found.

Let's walk together down a trail,
That no one's been before.
Where our minds can find the magic,
God placed here for us to explore.

May you always have that peace of mind,
And enough love to fill your heart and soul.

  Denise Lanford & Donna Minnick
Jan. 2006
Creations From The Heart


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~midi~ "Imagine" by John Lennon

Photo by Donna ~Creations From The Heart~

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