Dear God, please send an Angel
To see me through each day
It seems that I need 'extra help'
Each step along the way

Life has so many obstacles
As stumbling blocks are placed
For Satan tries his very best
Making sure I never see your face

He is so very clever
Sometimes he's in disguise
That's when I need my angel
For Angels always recognize

I know I am a child of God
Lord, I surely hate to fuss
But a multitude of Angels
Are sure needed here by us

For life can get so difficult
There are so many tempting things
My Angel could protect me
As I'm held within the wings

Oh yes, I really need one
'Yes, Lord, what did you say'
I've had an Angel all the time
Since you sent me here to stay

Why did I ever doubt you, Lord
You bless me with everything
So while waiting for the Rapture
I know I'll come there on Angel wings

My own very precious Angel
So that Lord was the 'breeze'
I felt at times around me
When praying on my knees

Thank you Heavenly Father
For blessings You bestow
Upon me as I walk the path
You've set us here below

You are my Lord and Master
You always understand
You sent me a special Angel
Who can always hold my hand

Mary Anne Ray 2006

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